Frequently asked questions

Who is Lin Su Yoshimura?

Lin Su Yoshimura is a fictional action-figure character of Chinese & Japanese descent. She was trained at a young age in both Chinese & Japanese martial arts by her parents.

When will The Days of Darkness be available for the public?

The Days of Darkness will be published on Sat Nov 14, 2020 and available for public purchase via print & e-book media. Available everywhere books are sold.

Will The Days of Darkness be available on audiobook?

Yes. The Days of Darkness audiobook will be available Jan 2021.

Are there other books on Lin Su Yoshimura?

Yes. There are a trilogy of books that chronicle the life journey and adventures of Lin Su Yoshimura. Volume 1 - The Days of Darkness - November 2020 Volume 2 - The Days of Enlightment - November 2021 Volume 3 - The Days of Tranquility - November 2022