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  • Who is Lin Su Yoshimura?
    Lin Su Yoshimura is a fictional action-figure character of Chinese & Japanese descent. She was trained at a young age in both Chinese & Japanese martial arts by her parents.
  • When will The Days of Darkness be available for the public?
    The Days of Darkness will be published on Sat Nov 14, 2020 and available for public purchase via print & e-book media. Available everywhere books are sold.
  • Will The Days of Darkness be available on audiobook?
    Yes. The Days of Darkness audiobook will be available Jan 2021.
  • Are there other books on Lin Su Yoshimura?
    Yes. There are a trilogy of books that chronicle the life journey and adventures of Lin Su Yoshimura. Volume 1 - The Days of Darkness - November 2020 Volume 2 - The Days of Enlightment - November 2021 Volume 3 - The Days of Tranquility - November 2022
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