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Lin Su Yoshimura

The Days of Darkness

      Lin Su Yoshimura, trained in martial arts at a young age

by her parents, is kidnapped as a teen in China and sold into

the sex trafficking trade which lands her in the United

States of America. She is rescued from an abusive pimp by

Matthew King, a top-level New York drug dealer. Lin Su

becomes a part of his organization as she wrestles with the

horrors of her past.


       They are approached by Jason Stone, a disgraced ex-

Special Forces officer, who convinces them to raid Juan

Ramirez, leader of a notorious Mexican cartel. Stone

assembles a team of well-trained mercenaries accompanied

by Lin Su and King to carry out the operation deep in the

Mexican jungle which leads to a huge cache of high grade

cocaine plus savage outcomes that neither expected.


      Pursued by the cartel, the mob, the Drug Enforcement

Agency and a Muslim community activist, Lin Su must

make a choice before time runs out. She must decide to use

her skills and defend the organization or address the dark

demons that haunt her within. The stakes are high, forty

million dollars in cash or their lives!


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